It's hard to imagine what was going through passengers' minds when they witnessed this on their commute. If you've taken a subway, you've probably seen someone asking for money. It's not uncommon, but how about seeing a couple asking for help with their mortgage? The insanity only piles on from there. 

All of the people asking for money were New York City comedians, but the passengers were all unsuspecting of the antics that were about to unfold in front of them. The "sketch" was created by comedian Gary Lee Mahmoud. In an interview with NY Daily News, Mahmoud said that the actors weren't following a script. Most of what was said was completely improv-ed by the various performers, but they do such a great job it's hard to believe their act wasn't planned weeks ahead of time.

The footage has gone viral and has over 2 million views on Youtube. Mahmoud is no stranger to fame - he's performed on shows like Saturday Night Live and All My Children. 

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